Pipe by TSUGE factory – To be a craftsman, not to be an artist



Why do you smoke a pipe?


What person do you come to in your mind when you think about a pipe smoker? There are several representative figures such as Sherlock Holmes, Moominpapa in fictional characters, or Albert Einstein, Douglas MacArthur, Fujiko F Fujio, who are actual persons. I myself smoke a pipe too.


Bright golden motif is another characteristic of TSUGE Pipe.


Although people smoke a pipe under the same purpose, “to smoke”, as that of cigarettes, their actions and manners are completely different. People are haste when they smoke cigarettes as nowadays in Japan not so many public places allow us to smoke including on the streets, in hotels, cafes or restaurants. Smokers will end up with being crowded into a small limited area called a smoking room, where they usually have cigarettes only. I have hardly seen anyone who smoked cigars or pipes in smoking rooms. This means that a word “smoking” mainly refers to cigarettes, and we recognize it as the inevitable action to satisfy nicotine dependence temporarily. Non-smokers find that a smoking is the action with impatience but may reduce his/her frustration temporarily. Oh dear, culture of smoking has been receding I dare say.


Charring light determines the taste of pipe-smoking.


When you take a puff at pipe, it takes you at minimum thirty minutes or one hour sometimes. Cigar is the same. The participants smoke a pipe for more than two hours at the pipe smoking competition. Moreover smoking a pipe involves meticulous cares. Although it’s never shown in film screen or TV drama, there is a special tool called tamper that is used to move fire of tobacco leaf or tamp ash into a pipe bowl so as to move the fire downwards. Before or after smoking, you need to clean up a bowl thoroughly, or otherwise it will not taste good in future. One representative tool must be mogol, a pipe cleaner made of wool stick, which is used to clean up an air hole.


A factory made pipe using 9 mm filter.


Why do you smoke a pipe even it takes time and require some labors? A simple answer is that a pipe smoking tastes good, and to say more exactly, it does taste several times as deeper as cigarettes. I had partly frustrated when I tried pipe smoking in my 30’s, but when I was used to smoking a pipe in my 40’s, I calmly found how it’s fantastic to smoke without stress.

Sherlock Holmes always keeps a pipe in his mouth when he goes to investigation on film or TV drama, however there is no such a scene depicted in the original novel. He even doesn’t wear either a hunting cap or an inverness coat with a plaid pattern in the original. But, Mr. Homes does smoke a pipe when he engages his brain for deduction in his room.


Left: Tsuge Metal Blowfish
Right: A plump air hole gives a mild taste.


Moominpapa is a utopian, an adventurer, and a writer, who takes a puff at pipe swinging on a locking chair with his silk hat on top. He is probably dreaming or philosophizing about his adventure that could expand into a story, while he is smoking a pipe.


Einstein said, “I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgement in all human affairs”.


When Douglas MacArthur landed at Atsugi American military base in Japan, he was sticking a corn pipe, which is cheap costing no more than 3000 yen, between his teeth. He might have had smoked a pipe for speculation, view, or will, whatever the purpose was, he must have smoked not in a rush.


Fujiko F Fujio has always drawn his self-portrait wearing a beret with a pipe in his mouth, which appears to be a pipe being part of self. I don’t know if he was actually smoking a pipe when he produced his Manga works, however, one thing is sure that “Doraemon” “Parman” or “Kiteretsu Daihyakka” would never be created without contemplation along with pipe smoking.


Kyozaburo Tsuge, Managing Director & CEO of TSUGE Corporation
Taking a puff slowly, Mr. Tsuge checks its firing condition.


After all a pipe smoking leads you to think in a quiet and calm atmosphere, helping your spiritual growth tremendously while increasing your powers of concentration. And the time flaws slowly when you smoke a pipe, where your mind goes down deeply against your thought risen up. I would describe a smoking cigarette as a clock with the second hand, whereas a pipe smoking can be the one without any scale even the minute hand.



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