Dear readers,


We must be more serious to make real good products which can achieve the original purpose. For the product as it is, without any unnecessary functions. They should be the result from reliable traditional craftsman`s knowledge and technique.


In Japan, we have continued to create such products from very ancient times. Japanese must not skimp on making the handmade crafts. There is no room for compromise. They are really severe about making their products completely. The same is true of the traditional crafts, arts, architecture, and modern industrial products.


These products have become enough popular all over the world as they are showed now with the notice “Made in Japan.” One of them is an industrial product which doesn`t break easily although the quality is delicate. Japanese arts, architecture, and handcrafts…which are worth to admire for a long time. Handy tableware, comfortable clothes, and many discretionary items. We can`t count such things which suit your own needs.


“Japan, who is really good at making products.” Japanese must be proud of this and review it.
But unfortunately, there aren`t enough young Japanese workers in factories or traditional working space.


Traditional, industrial, and the latest technique for making products… It`s young Japanese who succeed and make them better. They always have new ideas. If they are not enough like this situation, Japan can`t be “good at making products” any more.


So, now what must be done to avoid it? In this site, we would like to let the readers know about the reality and history about Japanese craftsmanship. And we hope them to choose the way to become the expert.


Not limited to the industrial products, but it`s small and medium size companies who support the Japanese product-making. They are charge of one important step before completing. For example, constructing parts, and making the products colored. They are also good at making wooden and leather goods. Even metal mold is one of their specialties.


The spirit and technique of “Made in Japan” starts under the circumstance. The parts which are really reliable and perfect to construct. Japanese craftsman does his best to make complete products.


Their ability like above is worth to be honored even in the abroad. “Made in Japan” can be all over the world, we are sure about it. Foreign company and individual merchant may want to make the better products than now. We introduce Japanese traditional craftsman and their crafts to our readers with this site. It`s really pleasure for us if we can become the bridge between you and Japanese craftsmanship.


We are here and give you necessary information for this very worthy aim. See this SHOKU-NIN site and know the importance of crafts and merchandise which are “Made in Japan.” And also about the workers who are making the products.


It would be our pleasure if our readers could understand enough about the real situation and admirable technique of the crafts “Made in Japan.” We also sincerely hope to help promote the youth employment with our site`s information.


Thank you very much for your understanding.


Employment Advance Research Center